Wednesday, August 26, 2009

BLOG #2—The First Day of Re-creation

Well, once I tried beginning the week with Tuesday, it didn't work because Tuesday was dependent on what had happened on Monday, you know, the thigh bone connected to the knee bone, the knee bone connected to the... everything is connected to something and the beginning of the week is connected to Monday for most folks, with the exception of those believers who believe the first day of the week is Sunday.

At any rate, to get going in the workaday world we start on Monday and that's where Robbins-McConkey start in their new book. . . . . . . . . . "Monday's child is full of grace," we're told in that beautiful poem. Monday is our beginning again, our beginning of re-creation, beginning over, beginning in spite of yesterday, beginning when we thought something was the end, a failure, a divorce, a meltdown in the stock market.

Genesis tells us God began the world on Monday, the first day and that's where we can begin with new life, the renewal of our efforts, forgiveness after sin, wholeness after brokenness, light after darkness.

Got a good thing going here. God, let me in on it and this first page of the book is a zinger—can't wait for page 2. Read it! Be new in the Good News!

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